75% Alcohol Spray Disinfectant

75% Alcohol Spray Disinfectant

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75% Alcohol Spray Disinfectant

75% Alcohol Spray is a safe hand sanitizer and a great all-purpose cleaner for maximum effectiveness and protection on all surfaces.


This product features Bag-On-Valve (BoV) technology, which has great benefits over other aerosol products.

This spray is made from isopropyl alcohol and great for disinfecting your hands when soap and water aren't available. Also fantastic for disinfecting commonly touched surfaces in homes, schools, churches, voting sites, public buildings, government buildings. 

Benefits Include:

  • 14 oz of disinfectant is what you will actually receive with this product
  • BoV empties 99.9% of contents in can verses much less for other Aerosol Products
  • BoV has a much longer shelf-life
  • BoV allows continuous spraying from all angles and even upside down
  • BoV is quiet and non-chilling as no aerosol chemicals are mixed with the alcohol
  • BoV is non-flammable so it is simple to dispose of empty cans
  • BoV only uses compressed natural air and is safe for the environment


Product Details:

  • 75% Isopropyl Alcohol
  • 14 oz. Can
  • Exceeds the CDC recommended alcohol concentration