6 Feet Social Distancing School Floor Decal

6 Feet Social Distancing School Floor Decal

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6 Feet Social Distancing Schol Floor Decal

Social distancing floor decals are important for schools reopening in-person learning safely with children. Our vinyl indoor social distancing floor decals are perfect for hallways, gyms, lunchrooms, break rooms, libraries, nurseries, sanctuaries, and other indoor spaces.

These indoor 6 feet social distancing floor decals are perfect for a fun and light educational tool in a school or teaching environment. Each floor decal clearly illustrates the best place to stand.

Floor Deal Specifications:

  • Made from quality vinyl floor graphic material
  • Each floor decal has an anti-slip laminate applied
  • Each decal is 11" round
  • Will stick to smooth indoor floors (must be clean and oil-free)
  • Sold in packs of 5, 10, 20, 50, or 100

These floor decals are recommended for smooth floors. While it may work on some tight-woven carpets, we recommend ordering a small pack and testing before placing a large order.

How to Order:

  • Buy online using our website
  • Need to order with a Purchase Order? Call us at 919-832-2828 and we'll invoice you.

Produced in Raleigh, North Carolina.